It is nearly the first of mai…  and it is time for Lilly of the Valley (my mother’s favourite flower) !! So to celebrate this, here are a few table decoration ideas that were created for Prima magazine. Thank you to Camille Vurpas and Valérie Lhomme for the gorgeous photos.
    You will need :
    • white sugarpaste
    • green sugarpaste
    • a tiny flower cookie cutter
    Steps :
    • Roll out the white sugarpaste and cut out flowers using a flower shaped cookie cutter.
    • With the excess sugarpaste, make little balls. Stick the flowers to one side of the balls with a drop of water.
    • For the leaves, start with a teardrop shape and flatten using a rolling pin.
    • Place the flowers onto a small cake using a few drops of water to hold.


    Ca y est, il est temps de vous présenter le POCKIT N°2!! Ce mois-ci je vous ai préparé un sautoir attrape rêve rose fluo !! Tout le matériel et les instructions sont dans la pochette pour que vous puissiez réaliser le votre ! Pour participer au concours, envoyez-moi un petit mail à l’adresse suivante : contact@kissesinmypocket.com. Le gagnant sera tiré au sort le 28 février à minuit ! À très bientôt !






    Welcome to the world little baby Evelyn!! My gorgeous cousin Elaine gave birth to her beautiful daughter in december… I wanted to make her a special gift so I embroidered a little baby rattle and bought a few bits and pieces but then decided I should present them nicely – how about in a little personnalised box? So I went and bought a lovely wooden box (from Décobois, 42 rue Fadherbe – 75012 Paris –> wood paradise) and with my woodburning tool, engraved little Evelyn’s name and date of birth. Now that it has served its purpose as a gift box, it can begin its life as a memory box… : )


    Hello to you all and a very happy new year! I wish you all the best for 2014!
    I’ve made a lot of good resolutions for this year, one of which is to take more care of my blog! That is why I am starting the year with a project I have been thinking of for a while… the POCKIT
    I imagine you’re able to guess the little play on words, it is of course a DIY kit! There are 3 to be won : ) All you need to do is to send me an email (contact@kissesinmypocket.com) before the end of the week, and I will randomly select 3 names on monday : )
    So for this first POCKIT I have prepared everything you will need to make a cute little hot water balloon cushion! I have screen-printed the fabric already, so all you need to do now is sew it all together! Included in the kit is the piece of  fabric for the front, the two back parts of grey fabric, gold piping, thread and pins… all of it presented in a little drawstring pouch. The only things not included are the sewing machine and the cushion!
    Loads of kisses in your pockets and see you soon for the next POCKIT!




    For the last couple of weeks I’ve been enjoying making myself a smoothie for breakfast, the only problem is the noisy blender so I apologise to my neighbours… 

    For 2 smoothies you will need:
    – 250g of red fruits (fresh or frozen)
    – the juice of 2 oranges
    – 1 banana
    Place all of these in the blender and enjoy your smoothie with a lovely paper straw, it’s way more fun!!

  6. Lozenge earrings

    I used to hate math & geometry when I was in school… But these days I’m absolutely loving geometry!!! All the pattern possibilities, the beads ect… So here are some earrings made with lozenges, my new geometrical friends!
    kissesinmypocket_lozenge_6kissesinmypocket_lozenge_2kissesinmypocket_lozenge_3kissesinmypocket_lozenge_4kissesinmypocket_lozenge_5kissesinmypocket_lozenge_12 salmon coloured lozenges
    10 gold lozenges
    2 x 3 hole dividers
    2 x 5 hole dividers
    2 x 5 hole bars
    12 small rings
    2 earings

    1. Using a small ring, attach a gold lozenge to the bottom of a 3 hole divider and close the ring.
    2. Link this to the bottom of the 5 hole divider using two small rings BUT don’t close them. Before closing the rings, slide the lozenges into the rings so that they come to the front.
    3. Repeat this action, linking the piece to the 5 hole bar placing the colored lozenge in the middle.
    4. Attach the earring hook to the middle hole of the bar.



    Voilou les filles, enfin je partage avec vous la recette de la fameuse tarte au citron (reprise de celle de Stephane) !! : ) Régalez-vous bien !

    Pour une tarte de 16 cm de diamètre…

    Pour la pâte sucrée :
    – 250g de farine
    – 125g de beurre ramolli
    – 1 œuf
    – 50g de sucre
    – 1 pincée de sel

    1. Disposer la farine en fontaine et placez le beurre au centre.
    2. Sablez la pâte entre les doigts.
    3. Ajoutez l’œuf, le sucre et le sel puis travaillez du bout des doigts pour former une boule.
    4. Recouvrez la pâte de film alimentaire et laissez reposer au frais quelques heures.
    5. Faites cuire à blanc 20-25 minutes à 180°C.

    Pour la crème au citron :
    – 2 œufs
    – 100g de sucre en poudre
    – le zeste d’un demi citron + le jus
    – le zeste d’un demi citron vert + le jus
    – 20g de maïzena

    1. Lavez et zestez les citrons.
    2. À l’aide d’un fouet, mélangez les ingrédients au bain-marie jusqu’à épaississement de la crème.
    3. Versez l’appareil sur votre fond de tarte.

    Pour la meringue :
    – 2 blancs d’œuf
    – 150g de sucre
    – un peu d’eau

    1. Faites chauffer le sucre et l’eau dans une casserole.
    2. Une fois que le sucre atteint 109°C, commencez à battre vos blancs en neige dans un autre récipient.
    3. Quand le sucre atteint 118°C, versez-le sur les blancs puis battez doucement jusqu’à refroidissement.
    4. Placez la meringue dans une poche à douille et décorez votre tarte.
    5. Passez la tarte au grill 2 minutes, ou faites dorer la meringue à l’aide d’une chalumeau.


    I discovered sugarpaste a couple of years ago and I’ve been using it ever since to make cake designs, cupcakes etc…
    I buy it white and then colour it myself, which allows me to have loads of differents colours! So here are a few examples of what you can make with some sugarpaste, food coloring, a few toothpicks and a blade! (Creations are published in Prima magazine N°370 which is on sale at the moment). A huge thanks to Camille and Laurent!


    This week I made “Pains au Chocolat” for the first time! They are soooo yummy!!! Except now I understand why bakers get up so early in the morning, these little delights require a lot of waiting time! They’re not perfect I know but they were quite tasty anyway. I’ll definately have to try making them again when I get a chance!



    I’m very lucky to be taking some screenprinting classes at the moment… Here are some pictures of the studio as well as the “Kisses in my Pocket” bags I was able to make. There are so many other things I want to make but it’s all very time consuming! Preparing the designs, preparing the screens, insolating them and finally printing! It’s definitely worth it anyway! My next mission will be to make teatowels and t-shirts hopefully!


    Last week I went to Rose Bakery in Paris and I tasted a delicious matcha tea cake!! It made me want to try it out… After a quick trip to Mariage Frères, here is the result:
    – 260 g of flour
    – 20 g of almond powder
    – 300 g of sugar
    – 3 eggs
    – 80 g of melted butter
    – 100 ml of milk
    – 1 tsp of baking powder
    – 2 tsp of matcha tea powder
    – one box of raspberries

    1. Pre-heat the oven 180°C.
    2. In a bowl, beat the eggs and the sugar.
    3. Add in the flour, the almond powder, baking powder and matcha tea powder.
    4. Mix well with a wooden spoon before adding the melted butter ans milk.
    5. Pour half of the mixture into a cake pan, scatter the raspberries on top of it and then pour the rest of the cake mix.
    6. Bake for 45 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean.



    For about 15 little bunnies, you will need:

    – 110 g of flour
    – 110 g of sugar
    – 80g of butter, softenned
    – 1 egg
    – 25 g of cocoa powder
    – 1/2 tsp of vanilla extract
    – 1/4 tsp of salt
    – 1/4 tsp of baking powder
    – 1 spoon of nutella
    – candyfloss

    1. Siv the flour, baking powder, salt and cocoa powder and leave aside in a bowl.
    2. In a seperate bowl, mix the butter and sugar.
    3. Add the vanilla extract, the egg and gradually add in the flour mixture.
    4. Make a ball with the dough and wrap it in clingfilm before refrigerating 15 minutes.
    5. Preheat the oven to 175°C.
    6. Sprinkle the work surface with some flour before rolling out the dough.
    7. Cut out the cookies with a bunny shaped cookie cutter and place them on a sheet of greaseproof paper.
    8. Bake for 10 minutes at 175°C.
    9. Once out of the oven, let the cookies sit on the baking sheet for 5 minutes before moving them on to a wire rack.
    10. When the cookies have cooled down, add a tiny bit of nutella on the bunnies to stick on a little candy floss tail.